"I wanted to create a space where children can learn their way and be comfortable being them."

Melissa Sharpe Company Founder & Directer

One on One Tutoring in our Virtual Learning Space

Due to the effects of the pandemic,
The Tutor Room has made the toughest decision, and we have closed our physical location.
HOWEVER! The Tutor Room is about to enter a virtual learning space!
We are still sticking to our hands-on learning philosophy,
we will just enter the room virtually via our virtual platform!


Learning Approach

Tutoring sessions are 45mins, pen to paper tutor-directed, and student-centered. We use Zoom to connect with the students face to face, however, having a hands-on, pen to paper experience is crucial in learning and is one of the key aspects of our teaching & learning philosophy.
With your child's learning toolkit, that is curated just for them, hands-on experiences will be as accessible as ever.


Our tutors are positive, warm, and welcoming and know how to create a great learning atmosphere, even in a virtual space. We create the learning team by selecting the best tutor for your child based on the chosen learning area, interests, and personality. This allows a genuine rapport to build which is essential in any learning journey. Your child will be gaining another cheerleader and support crew member!

The Journey

Assessments take place in the first session. These assessments are aligned with the New Zealand Curriculum and are used within NZ Schools. Tutors plan each session, weekly, in advance taking the following into account: The initial assessment outcome and goals, observations from the previous session, student interests, and their learning style. Parents will receive weekly updates via email about each session.


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